How to create a sub-recipe

Sub recipes are the bases around building your dishes.

These are all your bulk recipes that you use to build different parts of your dishes/recipes.

We recommend creating these first so it makes recipe writing later on far quicker and easier.

The process is as follows:

  1. Name - this is what your would call this sub recipe
  2. Status - depends whether this recipe is still being developed or testing or is ready to use.
  3. Add to recipe - only need to fill this in if you wish to add this to another recipe.- This will add the full recipe amount though.
  4. EPOS Code - This is for networked customers when we integrate Kitchen CUT into your EPOS- you can leave blank
  5. Category - these are the categories of sub recipes and you can adjust/add to this in your settings.
  6. Recipe/menu branding - this is adjusted in your settings for filing and search. Normally used for groups with different branding, but you can use this filling in another way if you wish.
  7. Revenue Outlets -  this is from your account settings and is ease of storage and search later. (Bar, Restaurant etc..)
  8. Quantity yield - this is the amount your recipes produces and is linked to Sub Recipe Unit
  9. Sub-recipe unit - This is the unit associated with the Quantity yield.
  10. Financial Settings - This is pulling from your account settings which you can change individually or in your account settings.
  11. Ingredients - Start to type your ingredients and the system will search your ingredients by “KC predictive text search” the more you type the more it will refine your search. If you do not find your ingredient try typing a different name just in case.- TIP- if you can not find your ingredient then continue writing the recipe and make a note of missing ingredient and then go and add into ingredients list and then into sub recipe.
  12. Sub-recipe - You can add as many sub recipes inside sub recipes as you like, this allows you to build a large selection of derivatives very quickly and easily.
  13. Extras - this can be items such as Water or if you just wanted to add a “One off “ item to a recipe. But if you are going to use this item again consider putting in your ingredients/ sub recipes.
  14. Actual selling price - with sub recipes it is not necessary to add this in –unless you may want to sell any of your sub recipes.
  15. Method - always write a clear, concise method so anyone can pick the recipe up and easily create/duplicate it.
  16. Critical Control - has been pulled from your account settings and you can adjust that anytime you wish and it will appear on every sub recipe/ Recipe automatically.
  17. Waiters Notes - this is used more for actual recipes but you can add notes in here for special techniques in preparation.
  18. Nutritional Information - You can choose to use this if you wish, by just matching up your ingredients and quantity you will have a portion and per 100grm full nutritional breakdown of your recipe. This is the same database that top Nutritionists use Worldwide.
  19. Allergen Summary - If you have linked your ingredients to their allergens this will auto populate if not you can manually click this in. See how to create supplier lists video.
  20. Images - you have 3 options:
    1. Click “Browse” and search for your photograph on your computer and the photo will re-sized and formatted automatically for you.
    2. Drag and drop a photo into the dotted square area
    3. If using a tablet or smart phone when you click “ Browse” it will take you to your photos and then choose the one you want and confirm.
  21. Finish - Then Click “Create” and sub recipe is done.


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