What is the difference between recipes and sub recipes?

When you use your kitchen CUT account, it's worth starting with your sub recipes first. A quick look at the difference between recipes and sub recipes:

Sub recipe - all the bulk production items such as sauces, bulk desserts prep, stews, casseroles etc..

Recipe- where you would take a combination of your sub recipes and take the correct amount for a portion (or more if you wish) and any additional ingredients you need from your suppliers.

So an example recipe would be:
Chocolate delice with salted caramel sauce and a bitter chocolate raspberry ripple ice cream ( garnished with dried raspberries)

The best way to create this would be as follows:

  1. Make a batch of chocolate delice as a SUB RECIPE and if they are individual save as “Each”
  2. Create a salted caramel sauce SUB RECIPE in either litres, ml or grm etc.
  3. Create a Bitter chocolate Raspberry ripple ice cream SUB RECIPE again in either litres, ml grm etc.
  4. Then create a RECIPE as follows for 1 ( set as a default)
  • Pull 1 each of the delice across from your sub recipes
  • Pull 30ml (example) of Salted caramel across from sub recipes
  • Pull 60ml (example) of Bitter chocolate raspberry ripple ice cream across from sub recipes
  • Then add 5grm (example) of dried raspberries from your ingredients

     5. Then write in method

     6. Put in your selling price (as you would put on menu, note suggested selling price)

     7. Add in picture

     8. Add in any waiters notes

     9. Click “Create”

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