How to use stock take reports effectively

Before creating any stock take routine report, have a think about how best to map these in the system.

Traditionally we would suggest you create a stock take report per area/zone in the kitchen, e.g. Meat Fridge, Fish fridge, Dry stores etc.

In doing this you can then ensure that your stock take lists are manageable and easy to follow while on screen as they will be relevant to one particular kitchen area.

The importance of working in this way is so that several people can be working on this task simultaneously at any point. So you can have different people creating different stock take routine reports (for Fish Fridge, Meat Fridge etc) at the same time (providing you have multiple users on your account).

When working like this we would suggest saving your reports so that you can easily refer to the contents and the time, so for example: Meat Fridge August 2016

The system will time stamp the report to give you the exact date it was created for added reference.

Once you have saved an area stock take routine report for all areas in the kitchen you then only need to duplicate that report in the future, rename and add in your new stock levels - therefore reducing considerable administration time. Each time you duplicate the report it will auto-set the stock values to zero.

Once you have created these area stock take routines, click  back into 'Routines' then 'Stock and Inventory' then 'Consolidated stock take' to generate an accumulated stock take report, which allows you to consolidate the reports from all areas/zones, to complete a full stock take for a particular outlet.

Click below to watch a video on Stock Take reports.

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