How do I fill out my ingredient list?

Tips on filling out Ingredient pricing list

Without allergens

If you just wanted to fill out you ingredient list without your allergens please use the following instructions:

  • Ingredient name: Description of ingredient or its name
  • Ingredient code: this is the supplier's code number
  • Supplier name: Name of supplier
  • Ingredient category: This is the larger group category (e.g Fruit & Veg, Dry store, Meat, Fish, Dairy etc..)
  • *Ingredient sub category: This is optional you can leave this blank ( e.g Salad, Herbs, Citrus fruits, berries, Flour, Beef, Seabass etc..)
  • Ingredient cost: no need to put in currency symbol just put in price per unit. Use decimal points
  • Unit size: this is the size of the unit you buy (e.g for a 3kg box of tomatoes you would put in 3)
  • Ingredient unit: this is the unit that you purchase it in (e.g for a 2Lb box of beans you would put in lb)
  • *Ingredient Net weight: This is also optional so you can leave blank (used for yielding or a net weight of a product if you need to put this in - if you put a quantity in this will supersede your unit size in your calculations)
  • Optional column can be left blank


Price list to include allergens

In your account settings you have the option of using our 14 official allergens or removing/ adjusting/ adding or editing them.

When sending the template to your supplier, they just need to put a lower case y where there is an allergen or may contain this allergen in the box.

When imported into the system it will then automatically put the allergen into any sub recipes, recipes and menus as you type them.

If you are not going to adjust any of the 14 official UK and European allergens then you can use our supplied sheet.

If you do wish to adjust any of them you can do this in your account settings and then export a sample ingredient price list and it will have your selected allergens on the list.


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