Which 'User groups' shall I use?

'User groups' are an important step in setting up your system as they are completely configurable.

'User groups' allow you to give different team members different access rights to the system, ensuring that everyone can view the information but without necessarily being able to change any of the details.

Below are some key default settings for each 'User group' when you sign up, however you can edit these as you need to fit your business.

'User groups' can be accessed via:

  • Click on System
  • Then User groups
  • Click on each green 'edit' button
  • Then you will see a complete breakdown of the system allowing you to configure accordingly

The following User Groups are available and are based around operational roles:


To be used to give access to suppliers or your purchasing team updating pricing


To be used for HR teams looking to monitor staff scheduling


To be used by your financial accounting team


To be used by commercial teams, booking events and catering requirements


To be used by front of house staff


To be used by team managers and operators


To be used by Executive Chefs and senior team members


To be used by Directors and business owners


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