Is Kitchen CUT supported?

In short, it certainly is!

We feel it is important to give our customers AMAZING support to ensure they make the most of using Kitchen CUT. Our support system helps hundreds of customers every month and allows us to keep track of trends and ratings too. That's why we're always pleased to share our 100% customer satisfaction rating.

If you do find you have a question or need help with a part of the system then there are a number ways to get support:

Online chat

Got a question? No problem. Click on our Live Chat and chat directly with one of our customer support team. Our support team can help with a variety of topics, from package details, pricing, how-to's as well as take any technical questions to forward onto the technical team. Chat with us, it’s super quick!

Submit a ticket

Submitting a ticket is quick and easy to do and responses to tickets are typically within 16hrs. Tickets can be raised for any purpose, from general enquiries to technical support. Feel free to send screen shots and/or files detailing everything you can so we can respond with a solution in a timely manner. The more information that is sent to us the quicker we can find a solution.


We have a series of video how-to's which can be found on this support site. If you are a Network customer then you will shortly be receiving your own video channel in your Messageboard.

Consultancy articles

Check out our blog – The CUT – you will find a whole host of consultancy topics including Kitchen Finance, Operations, Menu Writing and Training & Development. If you have a topic you would like us to address, please do send in your thoughts as we'll happily post on demand.

Dedicated account managers and priority support

If you have a Network with us then you will be assigned your very own Account Manager (AM). Your AM will be your direct point of contact and will not only help you get up and running, but will support you as your business grows.

On-site training and consultancy

Dependent on location we offer on-site training and consultancy sessions for individuals and teams. Get in touch to find out more.


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