Area stock take/inventory report

Stock taking can be a long laborious process, which is why we have created a more efficient and effective  way of taking stock delivering a higher level of accuracy as well.

The system allows you take stock in two stages. Only Stage 1 is available on the Solo package.

Stage 1- Area stock takes

  1. Click Routines and then “Stock and Inventory”
  2. Click on the “Area Stock Take/inventory” tab
  3. Click on “Add new”, the green button on right hand side
  4. Stock take name - this is the area you want to take stock - e.g Fish Fridge Jan 15, or just the date. Please note that you can have multiple people taking stock in different areas/zones at the same time
  5. Outlet - is the area you are taking stock for, these can be set and adjusted in your System > Settings
  6. Once you have chosen your outlet you can choose your “Stock Zone” again this can be set in your System > Settings
  7. “Brand /Area”- choose as required
  8. Ingredient name - live search for your ingredients
  9. Click on the ingredients you want to add, and then write in the quantity in stock and the unit
  10. Then repeat for each ingredient.
  • Sub recipes name- no other stock taking system does this- with 30-35% of your stock being sub recipes, you do not have to guess their value, you simply search for the sub recipe, write in the amount according to the unit.
  • Recipe Name- This is for any pre-plated dishes that you may have already made- this will pull from your recipe database.
  • When finished this area click “Create”

NB: Once the area stock take is created for the first time, you can use this as a template going forwards - simply “duplicate” the area stock take and it will allow you to rename with the date and it will zero out all the values for you to start again.

Click here for Stage 2

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