Creating a Menu

Costing menus is important when you are offering menus at a fixed price. This is extremely useful for Banquetting and party menus, special occasion menus or any menu that is a selection of dishes that you want to offer at one price point.

  1. Click on ‘Menus” then “Create new”
  2. Menu name- is the name you want to give the menu
  3. EPOS code- This can be left blank if not connected to EPoS
  4. Vat/Tax- are the defaults from profile settings
  5. Food cost- Is the defaults from profile settings
  6. Menu Type- Defaults to either “Food or Beverage” but you can adjust this in your profile settings.
  7. Menu Seasons- Choose how you want to store this menu- you can change seasonal names and themes in your profile settings.
  8. Revenue outlets- separate dishes by Outlet
  9. Menu Yield- As default this is per 1 person, but you can change this to scale your dishes quickly and speedily
  10. Rotation- Use this if you wish to Rotate your menus
  11. Recipe/Menu Branding- comes from your account settings
  12. Course1- if you click on this you can change it to anything you want e.g Starters or Main Course etc..
  13. Enter Recipe name- Live search your recipe name and the system will start to search your recipes, just click on the one you want.
  14. Click on add course- when you want to go onto the next course- there is no limit to how many dishes you put in for each course or how many courses you choose.
  15. Extras- This is for any extras you wish to add e.g Bread and butter, Tea and coffee ( though these could also be recipes)
  16. Suggested selling price- This is what you need to sell this menu at to achieve your targeted margins and allow for any Tax/VAT
  17. Actual selling price- It is important to Fill this in as this will calculate your Food Cost/ Gross profit % and Gross profit in monetary terms.
  18. Menu Notes- You can add in anything you wish here for your sales teams, service teams.
  19. Allergen summary- will pull across from your sub recipes and recipes and auto-populate.
  20. Click Create and menu is created.
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