Kitchen CUT - the complete kitchen management solution

Kitchen CUT is a unique cloud based kitchen management tool, designed specifically for F&B professionals

Incredibly powerful, yet unbelievably intuitive and easy to use.

Kitchen CUT helps transform every element of an F&B business by putting the chef at the heart of the operation.

Take control, wherever you are, with access from any device. Kitchen CUT combines an understanding of the pressures of the kitchen and the requirements of the boardroom.

For Chefs:
Simply put, this is a system built by chefs, for chefs. Our thorough understanding of on-the-ground kitchen operations means we understand your needs and have built a system with you in mind. With a sleek and responsive design, you can manage your kitchen operations on any device – any time, anywhere. Unbelievably powerful, yet easy to use, our sleek design has been recognised by the Good Web Guide for high standards in design and usability.

For Owners and F&B Directors:
Our global software has been developed for businesses of all sizes and is well-known for its ease of use and usability across any device. We provide powerful and insightful digital kitchen solutions which improve employee engagement whilst reducing time-consuming tasks and operational inefficiencies. You can make informed business decisions to improve profitability with real-time analytics and reports.

For Suppliers:

Our knowledge of the industry is not confined just to the kitchen. We understand the need to also offer a reliable and easy to use platform for suppliers also. At Kitchen CUT we firmly believe in being easy to do business with. That is why there are no fees for suppliers. The only cost is what the customer orders from you. Kitchen CUT will improve the accuracy of pricing as well as the accuracy of ordering whilst reducing the time taken to order.

What makes Kitchen CUT different?

In a nutshell, Kitchen CUT is completely revolutionising how kitchen teams work with technology. We understand that Chefs are passionate about food, and that is why our whole system has been shaped with food at it's heart. Kitchen CUT, the only F&B focussed costing, purchasing and stock management system available today.


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