Creating a Recipe

Recipes are basically your finished dishes that you will be serving to your customers.

There are many fields similar to that in Sub Recipes, but an overview of key fields include:

  1. Name- the name of the sub recipe
  2. Status- there are three options - 'Live' - dish is ready to use, 'Development' - dish is still in development, and 'testing' - dish is still being tested
  3. Primary category- categorise your dishes, keeping them organised. Categories are also used in a number of reports. All categories can be customised in your system > settings
  4. Brand / Area - this allows you to organise dishes into different serving zones, and even add a different brand logo to each recipe card and menu
  5. Revenue Outlets- this is where you can organise your dishes into Outlet specific groups. The default Outlet for all is 'Global: Outlet All'. If on a Network account you will be able to link users to Outlets also
  6. Quantity Yield- this is the quantity amount your recipe produces
  7. Sub Recipe Unit- this is the unit type of the quantity yield
  8. Financial settings- This defaults from your profile settings, but you can change individually in each dish also
  9. Ingredients- Start to type your ingredients into the live search facility. The more you type the more it will refine the search
  10. Sub Recipe- You can add as many sub recipes inside sub recipes as you like, this allows you to build a large selection of derivatives very quickly and easily
  11. Extras- this can be items such as Water or if you just wanted to add a “One off “item to a recipe. But if you are going to use this item again consider putting in your ingredients/ sub recipes. Please note that anything added as an Extra will not be updated when the main ingredient price lists are updated
  12. Actual selling price- with sub recipes it is not necessary to add this in, but it will help when keeping track of your overall system performance. Of course if you plan to sell any of your sub recipes then this is required
  13. Method- always write a clear, concise method so anyone can pick the recipe up and easily create/duplicate it
  14. Critical Control – defaults from your profile settings and you can adjust that anytime you wish and it will appear on every sub recipe/ recipe automatically.
  15. Waiters Notes- this is used more for actual recipes but you can add notes in here for special techniques in preparation
  16. Nutritional Information- You can choose to use this if you wish, by just matching up your ingredients and quantity you will have a per portion and per 100grm full nutritional breakdown of your recipe.
  17. Allergen summary- If you have linked your ingredients to their allergens this will auto populate. If not you can manually click this in.
  18. Images- the quickest way to add is drag and drop a photo into the dotted square area
  19. Videos- set up your own private Vimeo or YouTube account. The simply copy and paste the video url link into the relevant field and it will appear and play within the recipe for the whole team to view
  20. Click “Create” and the sub recipe is done.


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