Adding Details to Your Suppliers

If you want to order through Kitchen CUT, you will need to ensure all the supplier data is up to date: 

  • Click on “Ordering”/“Suppliers” 



  • Choose the supplier you want to edit 
  • Click on “Actions”  
  • Click on “Edit”


  • Name - Do not change the name of the supplier as this will create a duplicate supplier – if wanting to change the name of the supplier please contact support at for help with this 
  • Account Number - This will be the account number for that supplier (provided by the supplier) 
  • Code Supplier specific code number 
  • Contact Name – The name of the person you contact at the supplier  
  • Address 1 & 2 - The suppliers address 
  • Telephone – The telephone number you use to call your supplier 
  • Email – You can enter more than one email address here by clicking on the ‘+’ sign (this is who the orders will be sent to when ordering through the system) 
  • Send email to supplier for order acceptance - Click for yes or untick for no 
  • Min Order Value - If the supplier has a minimum order value then this can be set up so that the person placing the order will be informed that the order cannot be sent to the supplier (if the order falls below the minimum order value) 
  • Last orders If your supplier has a cut off time for when orders can be placed and delivered (e.g. order has to be placed by 5pm on Tuesday to be delivered by Thursday) then specify here - this also notifies the user if they are trying to place an order after the specified ‘last orders’ cut off time 

Finally, one necessary changes have been made: 

  • Click "Update"