How to add Details to Suppliers

If you start to order through Kitchen CUT you will need to ensure all the supplier data is up to date.

  • Click on “Ordering”/ “Suppliers”


  • Choose the supplier you want to edit
  • Click on “Actions”
  • Click on “Edit”



  • Name - Do not change the name of the supplier as this will create a duplicate supplier- please contact support for help with this.
  • Account Number - This will be the account number for that supplier
  • Code - If the supplier has a certain code number
  • Contact Name – At that supplier
  • Address 1 & 2 - are the suppliers address
  • Telephone - Is the number they use
  • Email - there can be more than 1 email address added here by clicking on + sign (this is who the orders will be sent to when ordering through the system)
  • Send email to supplier for order acceptance - Click for yes or untick for no
  • Min Order Value - If the supplier has a minimum order value and the person placing the order will be informed that this cannot process.
  • Last orders - This may vary from day to day- this also informs the person ordering that the cut off time has expired and they will not get the order on the day requested.

Then click "Update".