How to add Details to Suppliers

If you start to order through Kitchen CUT you will need to ensure all the supplier data is up to date.

  • Click on “Vendors”/ “Connections”

  • Choose the supplier you want to edit
  • Click on “Actions”
  • Click on “Edit”

    ***In order to begin email orders, the key fields are the Supplier Name and the Order Email. We need to know what email address to send orders to. You will also need to select the 'Send email to supplier for order acceptance' checkbox. These are the minimum requirements to begin ordering on KC***



  • Name - This is the supplier's name as you wish to refer to them. 
  • Account Number - This will be the account number for that supplier
  • Code - If the supplier has a certain code number
  • Contact Name – Main contact at that supplier
  • Address 1 & 2 - are the suppliers address
  • Telephone - Is the number they use
  • Order Email - there can be more than 1 order email address added here by clicking on + sign (this is who the orders will be sent to when ordering through the system)
  • Send email to supplier for order acceptance - Ensure this is on. 
  • Min Order Value - If the supplier has a minimum order value and the person placing the order will be informed that this cannot process.
  • Last orders - This may vary from day to day- this also informs the person ordering that the cut off time has expired and they will not get the order on the day requested.

Then click "Update".